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Why is a Top 10 Listing So Important?

We possibly don’t have to answer this because you have arrived here knowing the importance of your business showing in the Top 10 Google searches. . but for a very quick answer;

The internet or more importantly, Google searches, have been proven time and time again to out perform other forms of marketing. But, you need to be in the Top 10 Rankings to get the full effect. And to get there in front of the hundreds of thousands of your competitors on the internet costs an absolute fortune. At least, that was until we came along.

Here are some stats that will interest you. For starters 68% of all clicks are on the top 10 Google Listings. That number drops by more than half after a 15 Ranking. A website appearing in the Top 10 of a Google search will attract something in the order of 20 times more traffic than a website with a 15+ ranking, and 50 times more traffic than that of a website appearing on page 3.

Have you noticed how many Directory Services there are out there on the internet? Thousands! And businesses are only advertising on those because they want to show up in a search. . BUT if (and that's a big 'IF') they do show, visitors click on the listing and find other similar business numbering in their hundreds all in the same industry. Effectively, you are paying to promote your competitors. That will not happen with the PSR sites we are offering  . . .  GUARANTEED

We say again - "Your business is the ONLY ONE on the PSR Landing Page"